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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
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Self-service scanning of goods for smartphones

self-scanning system smartphone app

This solution allows customers to scan their purchases using a friendly phone app. Customers can pay for their purchases through the app or through Self-Service Terminals.

benefits for retailers

This solution works great for customers with large baskets

Customers are able to view their total bill on the phone screen, immediately bag their items, avoid queues, and instantly pay for their purchases. The implementation process is quick and helps optimize equipment costs.

Growth of store throughput capacity and eliminating checkout lines
Up to30%
Growth of baskets paid for with the mobile app
Up to10%
Growth of an average receipt paid via mobile app can grow
Up to35%
of equipment costs
Up to30%

The solution provides the buyer convenient and easy-to-follow interface, which is optimized specifically for shopping in the sales area using a smartphone.

benefits for customers
Completing purchases using their own mobile devices
Reducing checkout
wait times
Customers can receive individualized special offers
Safer during
the COVID pandemic
benefits for retail businesses
Targeted special offers
Equipment and payroll costs reduction
Fast integration process
Optimized equipment costs
how it works

This system calls for minimal equipment costs, as customers self-serve using their own mobile phones.

Download app and scan QR code with the store ID
Scan Product
Add to Cart
Pay in App or at
Self-Checkout Kiosk

The system provides a direct, uninterrupted communication channel with a customer

With integrated loyalty programs businesses can forward customers personalized offers, collect, research, and use customer preferences and shopping behaviors in the decision-making process.


The app has been tested
in various retail chains. It is based on a model solution, which reduces implementation deadlines and costs

The app is available for iOS and Android mobile operating systems and has a highly customizable interface.
clients can use their brand look and colors.

Together with the self-checkout terminals the solution creates an ecosystem in store that comprises shoppers with various baskets and behaviors, and results in NPS and KPI growth