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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
119021, Russia, Moscow, Timura Frunze 11, Housing 33

Self service terminal

Self-service checkout is modern equipment that is used in many retail outlets in Russia and abroad. With its help, the buyer can independently scan, weigh and pay for the goods without the participation of the cashier.

IXR Company offers turnkey solutions for the retail industry - from small stores to hypermarkets and even gas stations. Our product is Self-Service Terminal, which is able to replace traditional checkout points. This equipment significantly increases the speed of service, increases the revenue of the point of sale, and also has a lower cost of ownership when compared to the cash registers of other manufacturers.

What are self-checkout counters for

Each store has a certain range of problems and tasks, most of which are helped by self-service terminals:

  • increase in outlet throughput through faster service;
  • elimination of queues;
  • Reducing the workload on staff;
  • reducing customer churn;
  • the possibility of reducing the number of staff and, as a consequence, the cost of wages;
  • expanding the usable area of the outlet;
  • improving customer service and loyalty.

Our solutions can be filled with different functionality depending on the needs of a particular business. It is possible to take into account the corporate identity, brand color and its interface. Automation of the customer service process significantly increases their flow, which directly affects the increase in revenue.

What are the advantages of self-service checkouts

Self-Service Terminals are manufactured in Russia, which makes it possible to sell this equipment at lower prices than those of competitors.

The popularity of our equipment is due to several factors:

  • The equipment occupies a very small area, which increases the convenience of the retail space. It takes up less space than a standard checkout point, which allows more terminals to be used in the same area.
  • All information is displayed on a large display.
  • Self-checkouts are suitable for customers of all ages. Especially relevant for a small number of purchases (up to 10).
  • Optimization of the work of store employees. Self-service terminals allow unloading staff who often do not have time to cope with customer service, displaying goods in the hall, changing price tags, especially with a large flow of customers.
  • Decrease in the number of social contacts. This is relevant from the point of view of the difficult situation with the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, this option is more acceptable for those who do not like unnecessary intrusion into their personal space. The lack of interaction with the cashier allows you to solve this problem.
  • Reducing customer churn. If there is a long queue at the store, then the buyer will simply refuse to buy and will not wait. If he leaves a full basket of groceries, then this is a loss of potential profit.

Who needs self-checkouts

Already more than 2000 outlets use self-service terminals from IXR every day. Over 7150 devices work in our customers' stores. This means that our solutions significantly simplify customer service, while there is an increase in traffic, profits and a significant reduction in the load on regular checkouts.

Self-service terminals are suitable for any retail business. These can be both small retail spaces (gas station stations, shops in residential areas, fast food restaurants) and large objects like hypermarkets.

The relevance of this area is clearly confirmed by the increase in the share of self-service checkouts in DIY retail. This happened due to the active position of the leaders of this market: Leroy Merlin, IKEA, OBI, etc. The number of terminals in the field of fast food (Teremok, Burger King, Bushe), as well as food retail (Magnit, VkusVill, Lenta, Pyaterochka, etc.) is growing.

How to start self-service in your store

The cost of a self-service checkout depends on the specific equipment configuration - Base or Full. Both versions include: 21.5-inch display, dual speakers, 2D barcode scanner, cabinet, microphone and topper with light indication. The Full package can optionally be added: a card reader with a magnetic stripe, an Intel RealSense camera, built-in scales and a camera for identifying goods on the scales. You can choose the solution that suits your business.

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