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Innovation Expanding Retail
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Since 2020 IXR is an official partner of Intel Corporation and an Intel® Partner Alliance program gold member
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Was founded by the market professionals for retailers and customers
We develop innovative turn-key solutions for modern retail businesses. IXR covers you from projecting your return on investment, solution installation, implementation and customer/technical service.
Self-Service Terminal®
Self-Service Terminals
This solution works great for any retail business, including smaller businesses, such as gas-stations and convenience stores, and bigger businesses, such as large-scale grocery chains. This system can replace a traditional manned checkout counter, speed the checkout process, and increase store earnings and customer loyalty.
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Self-Service Terminal®
Express Self‑Scanning®
Self-Scanning System
This system allows customers to scan their purchases while shopping and promptly pay for them at the self-service terminal, without having to place their purchases on the conveyor belt.
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Express Self-Scanning®
Express Self-Scanning Mobile®
Self-Scanning System Smartphone App
This system allows customers scan their purchases using their own smartphones. Using the mobile app scanner, customers can quickly scan their purchases and pay for them through self-service terminal after shopping.
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Express Self-
Scanning Mobile®