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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
119021, Russia, Moscow, Timura Frunze 11, Housing 33
About IXR
About IXR
About IXR

IXR is founded by the industry professionals with high expertise and vast experience in the retail industry

Our staff is knowledgeable in today’s business processes, retail point of sale and back-office operations, and knows methods improving performance and optimization.


The team includes both leading software developers and highly qualified hardware specialists


All our solutions are based on the patented technologies tested with real-life use and tailored to actual customer needs

about us

IXR is a company founded by representatives of the retail industry. This means that we have a lot of experience and all the necessary skills in the retail industry.

Self-service systems from IXR - this equipment is specially designed to simplify the work of retail outlets, as well as for the convenience of customers. They work on a single platform, so they are compatible with each other, that is, all ready-made self-service solutions can be added and scaled.

IXR equipment is in demand by various retail segments - from small gas stations to large hypermarkets. But our main goal is precisely to save customers' time, as well as to increase their comfort from visiting retail outlets - no more queues and waiting at the checkout.

What are the advantages of IXR equipment

More than 7000 of our devices work in various stores not only in Russia, but also in Europe. That's why customers trust IXR:

  • Our solutions are already improving performance indicators by increasing traffic, turnover and reducing the load from regular checkouts in our customers' stores;
  • Full service;
  • Manufacturing is located in Russia, so we manage to set a lower price for equipment than competing companies. However, this does not in any way affect the quality of our products;
  • UDMS technology for complete device monitoring;
  • Intuitive interface greatly simplifies the work with self-service checkout and self-scanning system;
  • Customers spend much less time shopping.

Effective retail solutions

The IXR team consists of leading software developers.

We use only proprietary technologies. We check everything in practice, so we make improvements based on the research that is carried out within the framework of the existing installation base.

More than 2000 retail outlets use our ready-made solutions every day, which is far from the limit for us. We are constantly improving and expanding the boundaries of cooperation.

IXR is headquartered
in the Netherlands and delivers
solutions to the EU and CIS

Contact us
WTC H Tower (24th floor)
Zuidplein 196
1077XV Amsterdam
The Netherlands